Desk Creative Europe Bosnia and Herzegovina (CED BiH) is a coordination body for the programme Creative Europe.  Creative Europe is the European Commission's framework programme for support to the culture and audiovisual sectors. Creative Europe is divided into two sub-programmes, Culture and MEDIA, and is supported by a cross-sectoral strand. Culture sub-programme supports culture sector initiatives, such as those promoting cross-border cooperation, platforms, networking, and literary translation. MEDIA sub-programme supports audiovisual sector initiatives, such as those promoting the development, distribution, or access to audiovisual works.

Desk in Bosnia and Herzegovina is performed by a consortia of two organisations- AKCIJA from Sarajevo and VIZART from Banja Luka. CED BiH has two offices- one in Sarajevo, responsible for sub-programme Culture and one in Banja Luka, responsible for sub-programme MEDIA.

For questions, assistance related to the programme and help cooperating with organisations in other countries, Creative Europe Desks are in place in every participating country.

Desk Creative Europe BiH, contacts:

CULTURE office- AKCIJA Sarajevo, Kaptol 5-3, Sarajevo; email: [email protected]

MEDIA office- VIZART Banja Luka, Milana Rakića 9a, Banja Luka; email: [email protected]